For Kristina Elliot, finding her passion has been a lifelong search. Despite a successful career as an advertising copywriter, Kristina often felt there was a calling she was ignoring without really knowing what it was.  It was her time volunteering as a child advocate for the foster care system that finally inspired her to write children’s books for marginalized and disempowered children.

In 2019, Kristina wrote her first children’s book, WE ALL HAVE A SUPERPOWER, designed to help today’s children find the spark inside that makes them extraordinary. 

Her current book, YOU ARE A GIFT FROM THE STARS…BORN TO LIGHT UP THE WORLD, is the culmination of a lifelong spiritual pursuit combined with a more recent interest in our galactic heritage. Written for kids who, despite their extraordinary gifts, just don’t seem to fit in; the book, with its hopeful theme and whimsical illustrations, provides today’s STARSEEDS with a sense of purpose and personal power so necessary in these challenging times.

Kristina lives in Oradell, New Jersey with her husband, Ron, and son, Daniel. Her daughter, Sam, lives in San Diego, CA.